Quirky will bring them to life

How many times has a good idea popped into your entrepreneurial head, only to let it pass you by because you simply don’t have the resources to turn it into reality? There goes your chance at escaping the rat race.

Don’t let the figurative light bulb go off in your head just yet, for there are plenty of others in the same boat, and have probably joined “Quirky” – a crowd-selection platform that might just bring your idea to life. Simply register at Quirky.com (for a fee of US$99) and submit a proposal of your product idea. Then hope that users will vote for your idea over others, as the best idea of the week. After which, your ‘product’ will go up for pre-sale at the Quirky e-shop, and if sales reach a certain threshold, Quirky will produce your product and take care of delivery. At the end of the day, 12% of profits goes to you, 18% gets divvied up amongst voters and 70% to Quirky. And hey, even if your idea does not pan out, you still stand a chance of earning some moolah if you voted for other people’s winning ideas.

Now how quirky is that?


The Nuts & Bolts: Join the Quirky community, a crowd-selection platform where your product ideas could become reality.


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