Medify Empowering Patients Powerful Medical Site Unites Patients & Treatments


Medify is a new medical website that brings together patients, treatments, studies and institutions to help sick people manage their illnesses. It’s a great idea because men generally hate going to the doctor. You’ll live with an injury far longer than you’ll put up with a broken TV remote. Priorities first.

The site should be your starting point for medical research. You simply enter your condition into the search box and Medify will present a series of unbiased findings on the most prominent treatments, studies and experts. The results are actually drawn from the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s Medline Plus, a database which contains more than 18 million references to journal articles dating back to 1946. You can also apply various filters to suit your needs - such as your demographic information - and you can cap off your House impression by saving your favourites in a personal online “binder”.

You can also rank the results as you see fit and track studies throughout their development. It essentially means you can see what other patients are doing and discover your best treatment options. Of course you could just go to a good doctor, but remember the TV remote.

The site is still in Beta and lacks a revenue stream but it forms part of a growing trend of patients taking a more involved approach with their conditions. Above all, when you finally see your doctor you'll be able to have an informed chat rather than feel you've regressed to a kindergarten level of science.

Medical mysteries resolved.


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Medify Empowering Patients

Medify is a new medical website that brings together patient...