Wednesday, 21.2.2018

NecesCity Epic New Site For Hong Kong's Men


Like any woman in her 40s who’s spent too much time in the sun, we needed a facelift so we’ve re-launched our website. It will keep all you guys up to date with the best things to do, buy and see from Hong Kong and around the world - and it will also keep you entertained.

We’ve got large feature pieces exploring everything from tattoo culture in Hong Kong to the local sex industry, while our Profiles section offers an insight into the lives of some of the crazier and more successful people associated with Hong Kong. Interviewees include the chef behind Michelin-starred restaurant Bo Innovation, Alvin Leung, and Chris Thrall, a former Royal Marine who came to Hong Kong in 1995 and started working for the triads. His was not your typical expat move into finance.

The site’s also got a jolly new section called Weird World which celebrates bizarre facts (such as the world's only beach airport) as well as offering a steady stream of videos like the crazy Japanese game of Bo Taoshi. The clips would even give the World Bank something to smile about. Other key pieces in the jigsaw include a Weekender, a Gallery showcasing our latest events, an updated My Archive section, and new categories as suggested by you. They include Career & Money, Sex & Dating and Arts & Culture. Your wish is our command.

We update the site on a daily basis so it’s worth dropping in when you’ve got a spare moment as you won’t find the Profiles, Features or Weekender stories in our daily email lifestyle tips. Even though our team has removed more bugs than live in the Amazon basin, there might still be some technical headaches so please let us know if we’ve missed something. Feel free to tell others about the site too and help us spread the word.

Click here to dive in to your new man cave.


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