Apple Store HK’s First Apple Store Opens Tomorrow


The long wait for Macalytes is over – Hong Kong’s first Apple store opens this Saturday in the IFC. It’s news that will bring more delight than you can imagine - people are absolutely fanatical about Apple. It borders on religious fervor, so twinned with Apple’s low prices in Hong Kong, we’re going to see absolute carnage. It’ll be the shopping equivalent of running the bulls in Pamplona.

The new store will span roughly 20,000 square feet which needless to say is massive. In fact it’s about four times as big as the average American Apple store which is quite the result. Americans are rarely beaten on size but Hong Kong’s new Apple store is so vast it swallowed 10 shops to be built in the first place.

It’s ultimately going to be staffed by hundreds of people but they're only going to allow in 25 people at a time for the launch so expect a queue the scale of the store. You'll also only be allowed to buy five items to discourage re-selling which is invaluable for consumer confidence. You’re never sure if Apple resellers in Hong Kong are legitimate - however luminous the ‘official’ sign on the door. The resellers in Mong Kok must be terrified about its impact on their financial standing, not to mention Exxon Mobil.

Take a bite of the Apple.

Apple Store Hong Kong
IFC, Central, Hong Kong


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