This is Going to be Awkward Site Sends Awkward Messages You Can’t


This is going to be awkward is an amusing website that sends important, anonymous messages to people you can’t risk offending. Whether you want to tell your best mate his new girlfriend is worse than syphilis or if you want to tell a colleague that burping directly into your mouth is unacceptable, it’s your golden ticket.

The website has a comprehensive selection of messages spanning various categories from ‘Warm and Fuzzy Feelings’ to ‘You’re the Better Half’ but unfortunately you can’t write your own note - you have to pick one of theirs. On the plus side you are invited to make suggestions so if you can succesfully argue your ex makes Mugabe look like an angel you’ll have an excellent change of getting your own message uploaded.

Some of the lines will not reflect your wit and wisdom such as ‘I cordially invite you to have intercourse with me’ while others are a little more pithy, for instance: ‘Since it’s your birthday I thought I’d anonymously tell you I used your toothbrush.’ Whatever your needs, between the content and the suggestions page you should find something appropriate. And remember, if all else fails you can always set up a false email account. Though that's also the beginning of a harassment lawsuit.

No more Mr. Nice guy.

This is going to be awkward


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