Gurus Pop-Up Store Surreal Pop-Up Store Opens in Landmark


Gurus of Happy Valley has opened a pop-up store in the men’s basement in The Landmark. It showcases an eclectic selection of goods ranging from Zai Skis to bright Apple equipment so it's better suited to East London than the branded shine of Central but that’s the joy of it. The prices, of course, will still be very Central but at least you can leave with the faint, superior whiff of being alternative.

Opening today and running through October, highlights include the world premiere of Jake Dyson’s new LED lights, the Leica M9 “Titanium” designed by Walter de’Silva as well as the Part of the Team Collection. The latter consists of household items made from a Red Bull Formula 1 car, and each one comes with a certificate of authenticity. It's sadly one of those expensive purchases you'll have to buy without your girlfriend’s consent - she just won't understand.

Apart from various other intriguing products, such as bladeless fans from Dyson and Dr Dre headphones, Gurus will also offer several branded workshops. Representatives from Zai, Amalgam and Leica will give demonstrations to the shop’s customers, offering insider knowledge and assistance parting with cash. It’s the type of shop you need to visit dressed as if you were born with a handkerchief in hand and an ability to wear sunglasses indoors - but they also feature some really cool stuff you simply won't find anywhere else.

Pop-up paradise.

Gurus Pop-Up Shop from Sep 5
Shop B23, The Landmark, Central


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