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The Grooming Lounge is an online resource for men that stocks a variety of products and ships nearly anywhere in the world. Although you can purchase most grooming products in Hong Kong, a lot of them (like deodorant) just aren’t up to scratch. When you go back home you tend to stock up on these scarce products as well as culinary delicacies (praying airport security don’t find those chicken kievs) but the Grooming Lounge is a much easier option.

The site covers everything from skin care to fragrance but perhaps the most interesting section is for embarrassing issues. It saves you that mortifying trip to the pharmacy to address your body odour or acne (it must be a thing – they have three pages on it) so all you need to do is make sure no one opens the package before you do. They also offer valuable advice for those of us who grew up with wantaway fathers such as ‘Getting the Greatest Shave Ever’.

If you've run out of acceptable deodorant because you packed poorly last Christmas or have simply finished your favourite aftershave, the Grooming Lounge is an efficient solution. They provide free samples on request and include relevant items to your purchase. Shipping’s a flat US$39 so to make the most of it you'll need to clear some cupboard space (not always easy in Hong Kong) and then buy a tanker’s worth.

Groom, groom.

Grooming Lounge


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