ShelfLuv Insightful Virtual Book Shelf


ShelfLuv is a virtual book shelf that displays books you’re interested in as well as books you’re likely to be interested in, ensuring you don't get book envy on your next holiday. If you once consumed the entire work of Chaucer but only brought a few Grisham paperbacks to Hong Kong, the interactive site is also a novel way of showing your pals you’re better read than they think you are. Pun very much intended.

We’ve all read books so gripping they’ve kept us on the toilet for much of the day – and these are the books ShelfLuv wants to hear about. You simply enter a selection of your favourites and it will produce a list of suitable suggestions as well as a list of unorthodox choices you’ll enjoy as well. You can then read a synopsis on these titles, rate them, share them with your pals and buy them through Amazon. It's like book club without the Earl Grey and potpourri.

The service essentially gives you a reliable platform to broaden your literary taste without having to start books you never end up finishing. It’s extraordinary that a website devoted to literature has been named ShelfLuv – what a massacre - but the shelf itself is easy on the eye and simple to use. If you’ve ever wanted to be that guy on the MTR who doesn't look like he's faking it while reading a turn of the century Russian masterpiece – here’s your chance.

Picking a book made easy.



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