Corner Kitchen


Kitchen in the corner

So you’ve got a date coming over for dinner, and you want to make a good first impression. Swivel iPod to ‘romantic ballads’ playlist…check! Place aphrodisiac-scented candles strategically around the apartment…check! Display on coffee table magazines that make you look intelligent…check! Buy gourmet take-out to look like you spent hours cooking dinner for two…Aaag! (Buzzer sounds.)

We know that nothing would impress a girl more than showing her you can whip up an orgasmic dinner that will make her swoon at your feet! And where best to hone your culinary skills than at Corner Kitchen – a boutique cooking school located in a 700 sq ft cooking studio that features Nayati’s world class kitchen equipment. Classes can be themed, from holiday favourites to exotic cuisines, such as Balinese specialties. For the more serious cooks, enroll in technique-focused classes or customise workshops with your very own three-course menu. At the end of each class, head to the separate dining area, where you can taste your fruits of labour at an Indonesian teak table overlooking a lush green park.

Roll up your sleeves…it’s time to give Jamie Oliver a run for his money!

Corner Kitchen
G/F, 20 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan, Tel: 2803-2822
Photo courtesy of Corner Kitchen

The Nuts & Bolts: Learn to cook exotic dishes at Corner Kitchen, a boutique cooking school tucked away in a quaint ‘cottage’ corner of Sheung Wan.

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