Women of NC - Tenashar Tenashar Drives Us Mad


Singapore’s Debbie Valerie Long, aka Tenashar, is one of Asia’s most sought-after cover models as well as a ground-breaking DJ who has thrilled clubbing crowds across the globe. The Spanish-Chinese financial broker turned award-wining bombshell shares her music inspirations, thoughts on her latest track, and the hidden treasures in the Lion City.

Did you always know you wanted to be a DJ?

From the age of six when I started as a drummer, I always knew I wanted to make music. The DJ console was just a natural progression from the drum kit.

How much did your early days in Spain and Italy influence your music?

Lots! Electronic music was huge in Ibiza but still very underground in Asia when I first started DJing. I fell in love with how energetic and pumping the music was and brought it back to Asia with me. At that time trance was massive in Ibiza and minimal techno was all the rage. By the time I moved back to Asia, a new genre of electronic dance music - progressive house and electro house - had just taken over. I made it a point to introduce my fans in Asia to a range of EDM that I discovered in Ibiza.

To what extent did your modelling background help your DJ career?

Modelling gave me a lot of exposure and confidence in front of large audiences and crowds. You need a huge amount of confidence when you’re DJing and have to hype a stadium full of 200,000 people; I think modelling helped build my confidence greatly.

Have you always been producing electronic dance music; where did you get the inspiration?

I only started producing in 2012. I get inspired when I'm touring. While I'm on the road I get introduced to a variety of sounds from across the world. It's important to keep my music unique and fresh for my fans.

Where do you want to go next?

The next destination I really want to explore is probably Africa, as it's [one of] the only continents I haven't spun in yet (Editor’s Note: Antarctic’s EDM scene is still grassroots). I'm very open to experiencing new cultures, especially since I love incorporating new sounds and vocals into my original tracks.

Can you tell us more about your latest track?

My latest track, which will be released globally soon, has very melodic vocals. However, just to change things up a bit, the track that I'm working on now is hip hop rap vocals layered over a future house beat. It's sounding huge and I'm well excited about it.

It’s ourfirst time in Singapore; what are the three things that we can’t miss?

Chili crab or Pepper crab! I absolutely love pepper crab and even though it's a messy dish to eat, it's just iconic. You also shouldn’t miss the view of the Singapore skyline from the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands; it’s just breathtaking. Last but not least, you need to visit Clarke Quay from where you can try a smorgasbord of Singapore's nightlife.

Where should I check in to make the most of my stay?

You should definitely check in to one of the villas in Sentosa; you'll be surrounded by incredible sights and some of Singapore's best restaurants.

What are the best places to get authentic Singaporean food?

Definitely head over to Newton Circus hawker centre, or Lau Pa Sat market, or The Satay Club for the best local food. I always go to Jumbo Seafood for their famous Singapore Chili/Pepper crab; I just cannot stress enough how good it is!

It’s already 4am; where can I keep the party going?

If you're really up for partying after 4am in Singapore and don't mind someplace slightly sleazy, head over to Living Room at the Marriott for good music.

Is there any hidden gem that most tourists miss out?

The Kilo Lounge, located at Kampong Bugis’ Ture Building, is a club tucked away from the city not many tourists know of. If you like underground beats, dance the night away there.


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