mamoz Cool Bar Serving Dim Sum Opens in CWB


mamoz is a very trendy little bar-cum-restaurant that has just opened in Causeway Bay. The new destination serves cocktails, dim sum and western snacks which calls for a celebration because there’s a dirth of places in CWB where you can have a decent flirtini.

What’s more, we all love a bit of dim sum. You can guarantee if a guilo has picked up a sprinkling of Cantonese it will be dim sum related. It’s sadly never enough to order an entire lunch but you can impress your fellow diners while they're just getting settled before pointing to the English menu.

Anywho, mamoz is a lovely bar spread over two floors with a little terrace (sadly you can’t take your drinks out there which means you’ve got to keep your eyes on your beverage in case of the ruffie brigade) and they’re actually trying to get hold of the roof above them which would be an immense space.

The cocktails, unusually, taste as good as they look and the western grub is great. That said, we’re actually yet to sample their dim sum so please have a go and let us know how it rates.

The bar was designed by Gettys Hong Kong and occupies the 27th and 28th floor of the new Cubus building so you get unbelievable views. Interestingly, they’re also considering serving dim sum in the evenings which would really open up Pandora’s heavenly box.

Bottom’s up.

Location: 27-28/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2890 3182


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