Angel's Share A New Whisky Bar Opens in Hong Kong


Back in the dark ages, when men were a little superstitious (or should we say more superstitious), they believed that angels were nipping into their distilleries and pinching their grog in the dead of night. Such missing spirit became known as the Angel's Share, and although we now know that it wasn't sloshed cupids but evaporation pinching approximately two percent of all barreled whisky each, the name stuck.

Now you can claim your own share of the best thing to come out of Scotland since the 19th hole at a chic new whisky bar on Hollywood Road brought to you by the kids from Tastings Wine Bar.

Angel's Share boasts more than 100 single-malt whiskies, including a 180-litre barrel of the good stuff smack bang in the middle of the lounge (after all who needs furniture?)

You'll find the top drops from all the world's whisky making corners as well as whisky-themed nibbles, and if you want to woo a young fillie, you can do so over a spicy Speyside while she sips a chick drink from their cocktail menu.

Thank you angels.

Angel's Share
2/F, Amber Lodge, 23 Hollywood Road, Central
Tel: 2805 8388


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