Hooray Bar & Restaurant New Rooftop Spot in Causeway Bay


One of the best things about Hong Kong's climate is that on most nights you can sit outside. The city lends itself to al fresco living, to rooftop bars and cocktail terraces. Think back; some of the best moments you've had in your young life were probably outdoors, in parks, on deserted beaches, beneath freeway bridges and yes, on rooftop bars.

If you're an outdoors man, you'll love the new Hooray Bar & Restaurant, which has opened in Causeway Bay as one of the city's largest al fresco venues. Grab some jet-fresh oysters from the indoors oyster bar, and then grab a perch on the spacious terrace. There's a cocktail list as long as the queue at immigration (try the Saketini or the Tokyo Bloody Mary), as well as plenty of great New and Old World wines.

There is even a menu of Italian-Japanese fusion dishes, including Miso baked eggplant; egg custard with crab, sea urchin and herring caviar; and baked Chilean sea bass, for when you get a bit peckish.

Because you need to keep your strength up in the great outdoors.

Hooray Bar & Restaurant
Podium 5, World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2895 0885
Website: www.jcgroup.hk


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