001 A New Speak Easy That's Blissfully Hidden


We all liked to play hide and seek as children. Sometimes it was for thesheer thrill of evading capture by...gulp...girls (what were wethinking!), and sometimes because we just wanted a little peace and quiet, a break from the bedlam of the playground. As adults our lives have never been busier, and it's getting harder and harder to have some alone (or semi-alone) time without phones buzzing, emails chiming and the cacophony of the world resounding around us.

Head into the depths of Central's wet markets and you'll find a place where names are rarely mentioned, where identities are concealed, where cell phones are frowned upon, and cameras forbidden. 001, a name so simplistic it should say it all, is hidden behind a simple black door, an Asian bouncer reminiscent of Mr Spock, and the all seeing eye of a CCTV camera.

If they permit you entry, you'll find a brightly coloured, oddly quiet basement boudoir that's part Alice in Wonderland and part high-end Japanese cat house.

The cocktails are well worth the search; try the Blood & Sand, with scotch, orange juice, cherry herring, sweet vermouth and garnished with brandied cherries, or the Midnight Manhattan with home-made vanilla and cherry-infused bourbon, while the grilled cheese sandwiches should be Michelin-starred. What's more, its hidden location means it will take a while...

Until someone finds you.

Corner of Graham St & Wellington St


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