Rayne A New Pick-Up Joint Opens on Wyndham


So many reliable, consistent pick-up spots have disappeared during Lan Kwai Fong's current facelift, it's a wonder if anyone in Hong Kong is actually still getting any action. Of course, Wyndham is picking up the mantle, and trying to add a little sheen to the age old mating dance. Whether you're sharing jello shots at Fong or drinking mojitos at Tonic, you can't convince us you're simply there to 'wind down after a long day' with your mates. We know what's in your mind grapes.

Fortunately if you're looking for sophisticated after-workers like yourself, you'll have decent odds at Rayne, a new wine and cocktail lounge on Wyndham. From the outside Rayne (which the owner named after his daughter, go figure) doesn't look much different from the other open-faced lounges along the Wyndham strip, populated almost entirely by the city's population of lip-licking cougars.

But new chic new lounge promises a slice of contemporary elegance, with a slightly chinoiserie (nothing to do with the pants) interior persona by Nude Designs, a yard-long wine list, and innovative cocktails by Alexandre Chatte, which guarantee to bring in the lovelies like moths to a flame.

Let the dance begin.

Shop F, G/F Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central
Tel: 2840 1955
Website: www.rayne.com.hk


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