Boujis Pop-Up Club Pop Into Party Town


Tired of the same old clubbing scene in HK? Sick of throngs of scantly-dressed jail-bait taking up the dance floor with no respect to the classics? Are you one of the many party-goers who have turned their back on the construction tomb that is LKF (can you believe it, in our life time!) and now need some serious night life sustenance?

To coincide with Quintessentially's 5th birthday, and to help out the efforts of its philanthropic arm (don't be dirty minded) the Quintessentially Foundation, the luxury concierge service is bringing one of London's most beloved clubs, Boujis, to Hong Kong for three nights only, including a Thursday night massive launch party.

While this Sheung Wan pop-up club, held at Cat Street's new venue The Space, will be offering workshops for various charities by day, from 9.30pm the public will kick down the doors and dance the night away to tracks by DJ Klaus. Be warned, the wank factor will still be in place, including non-guaranteed entry door lists and 12k minimum spends on tables – but at least this time it's you being charitable.

Not the bouncers.

Boujis Pop-Up Club
The Space, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan
Thursday 14th October - Saturday 16th October 2010


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