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Oh, the Japanese are a funny people. Perfectionists, conformists, they charm you in the business meeting, thrill you in the kitchen and then freak you out in the bedroom. Their culture, as quirky and cult-like as it might appear, has managed to win world wide appeal, especially in Hong Kong, where sushi might as well be the national dish. Truth be told, we dig their dark humour and cinematic theatrics, their ancient traditions (who wouldn’t have a penis festival?) and attention to detail and yes, we also love their booze.

For sakeophiles, there’s only one place to head. The Oriental Sake Bar is a hidden gem on Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay. Dressed up like an Endo-era speak easy, think dark wood fittings, Japanese waiters with better manners than Benson, and cushion-strewn floors for languishing the evening’s hours away over one of their extensive collection of sakes.

Whether you’re entertaining guests from the land of the rising sun, or trying to get into the trousers of an ANA stewardess, try a saketini with wasabi peas and a splash of sensual Nipponese bossa-nova, and pretend it’s happy hour in east Shibuya.

Time for a bit of sake-sake.

Oriental Sake Bar
21/F, Circle Plaza, 499 Hennessy Rd, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2893 6120,
Website: www.hk-yuzen.com


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