Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Taku Yakitori Midnight in the Garden of Asahi & Yakitori


Despite Hong Kong’s reputation as a party town, the later the revelry goes, the slimmer the choices for late-night dining. Sure, there is always the fish ball special at flood-lit cha chan tangs, or greasy chicken wings covered in weaponised chili sauce, but these places tend to kill the night’s vibe quicker than bringing your mum (and her photo albums) to a first date.

What you need is a bar that serves reasonable food at a reasonable price, one without children, without bored, kill-joy waitresses, and one that’s not lit up like LAX.

The recently opened Taku on Elgin Street has a great value late night yakitori menu that means you and the boys can snack on Japanese barbeque and discounted Asahi without leaving Soho, and that beautiful buzz, behind. Priced at $30 for two sticks and $49 for a pint of Asahi, the late night menu kicks in at 10.30pm on Friday and Saturday nights and includes beef short rib, glazed chicken with shiso, cherry tomato with bacon and loads more.

Midnight snacks: the most important meal of the day

35 Elgin Street, Soho, Tel: 2545 9966
Nuts & Bolts
Midnight snacks available at Taku in Soho

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