The Palms Retreat Time for Some Self Love


We know your idea of a detox might be sticking to spritzers during the week or perhaps replacing your martini olives with lemon twists to cut down on sodium, but sometimes we need to take things to the next level, to really flush out the toxins of urban living.

Late nights, high stress, irregular meals and a near liquid diet can do a number on modern gents like us. If the body is a temple, many of ours are looking like an AirB&B penthouse lent out to Keith Richards during the Rio Carnivale. But don’t worry, help is at hand.

The Palms Retreat Koh Samui isn’t one of those big, pretentious resorts where all the good things in life are banned (or at least have to be smuggled in over the walls). Small, intimate and unashamedly boutique, The Palms Retreat offers a little of everything through its two programs - Weight Loss & Detox, and Rejuvenate, from Thai cooking classes and Muay Thai sessions right through to regulated meal plans and a host of innovative wellness rituals. However, you’ve come here to detox, and there’s a few routes you can take. The new Detox & Do Good package offers purity for the body and relief for the conscience as you visit local communities and assist programs that help under-privileged kids. The Detox and Doodle (get your head out of the gutter) means you can channel out toxins and channel in creativity during a session with Nartana, one of the island’s most prominent artists. Alternatively, do bugger all except swim in the resort’s pool, sip on herbal shakes, chat with the on-call naturopath about your sinful ways, or doze in one of six spacious villas, far from the harried world beyond. And if you really just need a change of pace, sans Blackberry, the white sands and tiny bikinis of Cheong Mon Beach are only minutes away.

“Hate the sin, love the sinner.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

The Palms Retreat Koh Samui
From US$170 per night (on complete detox package)



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