Pacha Time for a Great Escape


You may not realize it now, but every modern gent needs an escape destination, a man-centric locale, sans judgement, for those debaucherous nights of ultimate entertainment.

Los Angeles has Vegas and New York has the bright lights of Atlantic City, places where normal social norms need not apply, where the champagne flows like water, where the party doesn’t stop till you do, and where lads can enjoy themselves without wondering which of their lady’s gossipy friends they’ll bump into mid-crawl. Here in Hong Kong we’re fortunate enough to have Macau within stone’s throw and the pint-sized casino city rarely fails, especially when it comes to its clubbing scene, which makes up in clout what it lacks in diversity.

That diversity is about to take a step in the right direction with Pacha, the first Asia outpost of the world’s largest nightclub brand, set to open at Studio City recently. Pacha has been helping fellas paint the town red since it opened in the Spanish beach town of Sitges in 1967 and now boasts hotels, yachts, a magazine and its own music festival. As the first ever North American-managed nightclub in the city, as well as its biggest, Pacha Macau will cater to 3,000 revellers across its 1,000sqft dance floor and its expansive patio, bringing a sense of Ibizan style to the Cotai Strip. Expect cutting edge audio visual technology, a truly VIP bottle service, a clientele that boasts the best curves this side of Gangdam, and a roster of the best international DJs winging their way to our very own escape destination.

Start crafting your excuses for a night in the Vegas of the East now.


Studio City, Macau


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