Tipping Point Brewing When the Going Gets Tough


The need for comfort in some way, shape or form is a universal one; but how we seek solace can differ wildly. Some hit the gym, hoping to find satisfaction in the repetitive motion that comes with hitting the treadmill or lifting weights; others look for it in the emotional and physical stimulation of mutual companionship – you know what we mean. But most of us turn to favourite foods and drinks – there’s a reason we coined the term ‘comfort food’ – seeking the warm glow and intense satisfaction that comes with the first few sips of a favourite tipple, or bites of a delectable meal.

The newly opened Tipping Point Brewing Co. hits the sweet spot of simple, classic comfort food paired with quality beer, while also catering to the novelty-seeking taste-buds that populate Wyndham Street, where the new ‘brewpub’ is located. Helmed by Que Vinh Dang, the dynamo behind private kitchen TBLS, Tipping Point Brewing Co. promises a ‘chef’s approach to brewing’. The watering hole serves its own homemade craft brews – expect experimental options that incorporate ginseng, kumquats, or hazelnuts – and has a range of other craft beers on tap. The beers are perfectly complemented by a menu bursting with favourite bites from all over the world, including sloppy joe sliders, chicken gravy poutine, and house-cured chorizo, best enjoyed at the upstairs VIP table, which comes with its own taps plugged directly into the brew vats below.

In this case, comfort’s at the bottom of your plate – and pint glass.

Tipping Point Brewing Co.
79 Wyndham Street, Central
2868 2892




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