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We all wanted to be different things when we were growing up – an astronaut, a race car driver, Elle McPherson’s pool boy. But, with life’s cruel humor, many of us never rose to those fantastic heights, choosing instead stability over adrenalin, a sensible pension plan over late afternoon poolside encounters. However, if you’d ever fancied yourself a member of Japan’s secretive yakuza, we have a dinner theme that will thrust you straight from the boardroom into a scene straight from the inner circle of the Japanese underworld, thanks to the clever chaps at Macaustag, our favourite XY party planners.

Known in the Land of the Rising Sun as Nyotaimori, eating sushi off the tantalizing skin of a naked female model is a dying tradition that’s hard to find even in Japan’s polite society. Fortunately Macaustag, which has a PHD in Bachelor Party Science, has become this ancient art form’s new patron. The company now offers intimate, bespoke nyotaimori (and it’s less popular sibling nantaimori, which uses male models) parties in private VIP venues in Hong Kong or Macau, or in the intimacy of your own home. Offering an excellent selection of jet fresh sushi and sashimi, as well as chilled French Champagne and other imbibing tipples, served on the nimble bodies of your hand-chosen models, this is the ultimate would-be-gangster’s night out, the perfect introduction to adulthood for young men of age, or the ideal send off to men condemned to marriage.

Ladies so clean you can eat off them.

Partner Pulsit

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