Wednesday, 21.2.2018

Stockton Welcome to the Bat Cave


 Every man needs a lair, a place he can brood and rejoice, converse and pontificate, and of course, imbibe. It’s got to be a place of comfort, sophistication, and privacy, dimly lit and moody, lined with couches in rich leather and suede, far from the corporate boardrooms and traffic jams of the real world. Of course, there will be a bartender who knows the medicinal value of a good whisky or spiced rum, a cask-aged Negroni or a sleek Martini; polished wood cabernets filled with trophies from past conquests; and a menu of finger-friendly foods that line the stomach and pamper the soul. 

Modern day gentlemen will feel right at home at Stockton (the bar, not the working class neighborhood of Manchester), the newest speakeasy to open on Wyndham Street. Manned by smartly-suited managers that look like modern day gurkhas, and bartenders who commune with the spirits like waist-coated witch doctors, Stockton has one foot in the decadent past of 1890s London and one in the here-and-now. The whisky and champagne lists are an ode to boutique producers, from Delamotte and Larmandier-Bernier to warming drops from Campbeltown and Speyside, while the cocktail menu is a historical journey with a distinctive rum leaning – settle in after a long day with a Ribston Apple, a marriage of spiced rum, amaretto, apple cider, honey and cinnamon. Sate your appetite with the likes of slow cooked duck egg with toasted ‘soldiers’; yellowtail crudo with citrus oil; or even lobster with bacon and tomato.

Get in touch with your outer manly side.

G/F 32 Wydnham St, Central
2565 5268




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