Hong Kong’s Hidden Haven Hong Kong’s Hidden Haven


One of the first things newcomers to Hong Kong hear is how village-like the city is. If we’re honest, the geographic footprint that most of us tread is relatively small – if we were migratory birds we’d be able to walk south for the winter. The result is hundreds of prying eyes and whispering mouths, out and about, with their noses in our business when all we want is a little privacy and a little intimacy.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of both at the new Caprice Bar at the Four Seasons Hong Kong. Carved out of an existing bar and private dining room, this regal reprieve is just the ticket for deal-closing of all descriptions. With the ambiance of a private members’ club, the space has been decked out in gold, coffee and chocolate tones by Japan’s Spin Design Studios and the Alan Chan Design Company, complete with hand-woven furniture and stunning harbour views. There is an extensive spirits list, including rare JM Rhums and Lherand cognacs, a few heady signature cocktails, and an impressive matching of fine wines and imported French cheeses, thanks to a small army of sommeliers and well-versed waiters. Don’t go past the bar’s goodie-laden boards of foie gras, cold cuts and jet-fresh cheese selections straight from the three-star Michelin restaurant’s cheese room, guaranteed enough to keep a true turophile in tears of joy.

Because sometimes it’s okay to cry.

Caprice Bar
Four Seasons, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong 
3196 8860 


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