Wednesday, 21.2.2018

It's A Small World


Spend long enough in Hong Kong and you’ll quickly realise that the city’s social scene is rather…well, incestuous. On any given night out with the boys, you might run into a friend of a friend (order up a round of drinks), unwittingly hit on your ex-girlfriend’s netball teammate (awkward – just cut your losses and run) or discover the guy that runs your favourite bar is your brother-in-law’s best friend’s frat buddy (depending how cool the guy is, it might not stay your favourite bar). The point is, whenever you meet someone in Hong Kong, you’ll often find that you have a connection of some sort, however tenuous the link. Everyone is connected through six degrees of separation.

, the latest addition to Wyndham Street, is a jazzed-up two-floor lounge of sleek interiors and TV-panel walls. The bar riffs on the idea of social connections, but the message is lost in translation. The signature cocktail list is the strongest expression of the bar’s theme, with each cocktail boasting names like Shrinking World and Friend of a Friend - side note: try the Separation, a heady mix of cherry brandy, coffee liqueur, Cointreau, whisky, vodka, and Coke, which packs quite the punch. But the theme is lost in the execution of other aspects of the bar. The snacks – nachos, baked potato skins and the like – are a good counterpoint to the drinks, but do little to further the theme, while the music, essential to any lounge, lacks direction thanks to its line-up of themed nights, like Thursdays’ 6˚ of Swag (Rnb and Hip-Hop). The concept is a good one, but in trying to differentiate itself on Wyndham Street’s crowded bar scene, 6˚has diluted its theme by doing too much.

Fortunately, any new bar will be popular with the ladies. After all, it’s the company you keep.

G/F & 1/F, 55 Wyndham Street, Central
2868 6026



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