Balearic Beach Sessions


Double Happiness in the Deep South
Some of Hong Kong’s best beach experiences can be found at tiny, isolated strips of paradise, tucked away from the 7-11 crowd, screaming play groups and the prying eyes of the local resident’s committee. And there’s nothing quite like spending a sun-drenched Sunday afternoon, breaking up warm water swims with cold beer, sweet tunes and enough eye candy to give you an aneurism.



Or is there? The South Bay Beach Club, nestled in a bush and mountain-wreathed cove at Hong Kong Island’s very own back of beyond, will double their popular Sunday sessions, adding Saturday afternoon line ups from October 3, so you can party like a Prince video clip without having to suffer a serious case of ‘Mondayitis’. Dubbed the Balearic Beach Sessions, the provision of ear goodies will be in the capable hands of resident DJ Steve Bruce and a host of visiting spin stars, including ex-Café Mambo Ibiza resident DJ Dee Montero, who will host the Saturday sessions, and Ku De Ta’s DJ Stevie G and Stuart McClellen. With sponsorship of the ever-exotic Sol beer and kiwi vodka 42 Below, you can be sure revelers will paint Hong Kong’s most famous pink beach bright red. And as winter approaches and sunny weekends become as scarce as executive bonuses, you can still enjoy home sessions with the “I Heart South Bay” CD compilation.

Because, like cheerleaders, tequila slammers and six-shooters, one is never enough.

Balearic Beach Sessions
Every Saturday afternoon
South Bay Beach Club, South Bay Beach, Tel: 2812-6015,

The Nuts & Bolts

South Bay shakes off the Elton John persona and brings a double dose of sexy sounds to the masses.

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