Boujis Arrives in HK London Hotspot Comes to Town


Boujis is a bit of a thing on the London party scene. A thing if you're either Prince Harry (or want to meet Prince Harry), like wearing red trousers, enjoy expensive drinks or crave small spaces. The club opens in Hong Kong on Friday, October 19 in the former location of Madam Butterfly on Pottinger St. - which used to be one of our house favourites. As far as we were concerned exotic dancing in Central was luxury defined, but Boujis is taking an altogether different approach. Red trousers optional. Nay, unadvisable.

The $7,500 per year members club is "ultra exclusive". Not in a KEE, pay-a-bit-more-to-get-in-if-you're-not-a-member way, but a real members-are-only-allowed-to-bring-in-two-muggles-per-night format. To even This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your application needs to be backed by two existing members and passed by the committee. Chase and Ciroc vodka will feature prominently on the drinks list, while other treats include a family reserve bottling of Goslings Black Seal Rum and the rare 250th anniversary Jose Cuervo tequila. You'll be sipping on the good stuff.

Cocktails are priced around the HK$100 mark which is perfectly acceptable and they'll serve fancy food such as Champagne Battered Fish & Chips and Kobe Beef Burgers. Design/fashion pieces from the likes of Thomas Pink and Timothy Oulton (a lighting guru) will also be on show, while Boujis plans to bring a splash of London's music scene to HK thanks to a punchy, bespoke sound system. Bottom line - if you fancy becoming a house-husband, this is the marketplace to find your heiress.

Get down to Bougie.


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