Haamonii Finding harmony with Haamonii


Usually, when we think of sochu Japanese rice wine, we think of tradition, of inherent Japanese grace and of the ancient art of fermentation. But enviably, images of a giggling Mr. Miyagi serving thimbles of subtle spirit turn into blurred nightmares of well-intentioned teppanyaki, followed by the darkened room debauchery of late-night karaoke, and the first sledgehammer blows of tomorrow’s hangover. But don’t worry, change has arrived.

A San Francisco-based spirit company has created Haamonii spirit, an ultra-smooth, 100% natural, premium grain version of Japan’s 400 year old tipple, possessing the best of sochu’s natural characteristics, without the painful end game. Marketed much like luxury vodka, Haamonii comes in two flavours (original and lemon-scented), and has a remarkably clean, fresh and head-friendly taste as it washes across the palate. In fact, Haamonii has already been deemed the bell of the ball, winning seven medals to date, including gold from the judges who labelled Grey Goose as the world’s top vodka. Hong Kong bars are already adopting Haamonii into modern cocktail culture, where its 22% alcohol volume makes more friends than enemies.
There will be none of that sense of dread and craving for a 1am whopper with this drop.
Haamonii Smooth
Available online at www.klwines.com.

The Nuts & Bolts

Haamonii Smooth is a luxurious and pure answer to modern Japanese sochu.


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