HK Pop Star Eason Chan Makes History in London Hong Kong pop singer Eason Chan pays tribute to London after his show at the 02 Arena sells out in 20 minutes.


Hong Kong pop singer Eason Chan paid tribute to English fans after selling out the O2 Arena in around 20 minutes and crashing the venue's web servers. He made history by becoming the first Chinese performer to play the arena, starring in his sold-out DUO Concert.

Some 12,000 fans descended upon the London venue on Monday to hear Chan perform 25 songs from his Mandarin and Cantonese repertoire.

The 37-year-old singer said he was surprised and pleased to have so much international support. "I never thought I had so many fans in Europe. I heard people are coming from Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg and Spain," he said.

"Maybe they're bored," Chan added, joking.

Chan's DUO World Tour, which began in September 2010 in Singapore and has continued across Australia, Asia, Canada and the United States, has an unofficial slogan: "Who the hell is Eason Chan?"

The singer says that was the question a ticket seller asked after he sold out the O2 Arena so quickly. Millions of fans already know the answer: Chan has released 30-plus solo albums and is one of the best-selling Mandarin and Cantonese pop artists.

"It doesn't matter what language you sing in, what makes it universal is the energy that you give out," said Chan.

This was his second appearance on a London stage after performing at the Royal Albert Hall in 2010.
"It didn't hit me ... until I went back to Hong Kong that I actually miss London, being in London," he said. "The crowd is amazing."

The Hong Kong native started his musical career by winning the New Talent Singing Competition in 1995, but expanded quickly into acting. He has starred in more than twenty films and has been nominated for the Hong Kong Golden Horse Awards and the Hong Kong Film Awards.


Photo: TimeOut


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