Half Past Ten Unwind at Half Past Ten


Have you ever wandered around Central on a Saturday night (after much dancin’ and prancin’), desperately looking for a place where you can simply chill, and have a decent conversation, without having to shout your lungs out?

We know just the perfect place: Half Past Ten, an intimate bar that’s tucked away in the outer edges of Lan Kwai Fong. So named for the time when the city’s nightlife begins, this watering hole is cleverly divided into alcoves of sitting areas that afford the same privacy as your very own room. Choose from the impressive selection of whiskey, which is also present in the signature cocktails, such as “Sidecar” (with triple sec and lemon juice). Or go for the more popular choice of Baileys Martini, which won an award for the best Baileys cocktail in town a few years ago. With smooth jazz tunes playing in the background, Half Past Ten is one of the cushiest hideaways, where you can share an intimate moment with your special someone.

Be sure to set your watch to 10:30pm.

Half Past Ten
Lower Basement, 10 Glenealy, Central, Tel: 2869-9089
Open daily 5pm-2am; happy hour 5pm-9pm.

The Nuts & Bolts

Chill out at Half Past Ten, one of the cushiest hideaway bars in Central.

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