OpenBar App for Drinking in HK New Bar App Launched in HK


OpenBar, a play on OpenRice and the phrase ‘open bar’, is a new app that tells you where to drink in Hong Kong. It’s a useful tool because we’re forever wondering where to go next on a Friday night. We find ourselves on the street in large groups taking 20 minutes to decide on an appropriate watering hole. It’s even more stressful than picking a film with three girls.

The free app comprises over 700 bars, making it the largest drinking inventory in the city. It informs you of the nearest bars to your current location as well as their live deals including happy hour. On the downside you have to register your email address or Facebook details and we hate giving away that kind of information. It feels like a cyber hand down your pants.

If you log in using your Facebook account then you can see where your friends are drinking (or you could just ring them) but one of the best features is it tells you what events are going on so you don’t miss big DJs coming to town. It also tells you what facilities the bars have (such as live sports), their opening times and when happy hour finishes so you don’t have to go to ye ol' favourite again, club 7/11.

Open for business.



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