Plump DJs in Club Lotus, Macau Epic Duo Playing on Sat


Plump DJs are playing in Macau this Saturday and that's reason enough to wheel out your favourite fluoro t-shirt. We’re not entirely sure why some people are so much better at twiddling buttons than others (DJing) but Plump DJs are household names in stale, dirty living rooms the world over.

They’re touring around Asia but thanks to the inevitable limitations of playing in Hong Kong, they’ve ‘plumped’ for The Venetian’s Club Lotus. Consisting of British duo Lee Rous and Andy Gardner, they're known for playing thumping breakbeats, electro and house. If you haven't heard of them before, check this out for size.

Tickets are HK$480 including a return ferry and a standard drink which is immense value. In fact when you consider what you spend in the bowels of dragon-i (unless you’re a girl – that’s the cheapest night in Hong Kong) then it’s enough to make Warren Buffet spit out his coffee.

Of course being in Macau one of the major issues is making it to the club with enough money to have a good night and then there’s that horrible 4am rush to make your return ferry. Booking a room’s always a nice idea but when you wake up feeling rotten, there’s nothing better than being in your own bed in Hong Kong.

In a grown up household.

Plump DJs at Club Lotus, Macau
February 14
HK$480 inc. drink & return ferry
Club Lotus, The Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian, Macau
(853) 2882 8011
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