Christmas Party at mamoz Festive Party with Prizes in CWB


mamoz, the lofty bar in Causeway Bay, is holding a Christmas party on December 24 with plenty of treats in store. As we approach the festive season, office parties take their toll, our work ethic evaporates, our bellies extend and we generally live a life better associated with the courts of Henry VIII than the 21st century. Thankfully this party will be just as indulgent, but hopefully gout free.

There’s no cover charge for ladies before midnight while men will pay HK$250 including two drinks vouchers - one pink and one blue. The pink voucher is for you to give to a lady (clear sexual discrimination) while the blue one is for yourself. Unless of course you’ve been filled with the spirit of Mother Theresa and decide to give one to your fellow man.

It’s a Christmas themed party and the three best dressed will win surPrizes so come prepared. The tunes, meanwhile, will be provided by DJ K-Melo and DJ Kage who’ll be spinning R&B, Soul and House so you should come in an outfit that not only bowls over the judges but also offers fluidity of movement on the dancefloor. It’s worth remembering Santa’s attire was built for power not for speed. There’ll also be a special cocktail on the night while all the other goodies you’d normally consume at mamoz will be available as well.

mamoz my man.

Partner Pulsit

27/F & 28/F, Cubus
1 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay
2890 3182


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