Penthouse Sky Lounge Escape to the Penthouse Sky Lounge


When girls flock to Wan Chai for ladies night, so do you. Once you’ve hooked, lined and sinker’d, whisk her away from the city’s underbelly of strip joints and red-light hot spots, and show her how classy you are, without having to venture very far.

Head on up to the Penthouse Sky Lounge, a club that boasts a 270-degree panoramic view of Victoria Harbour and a more spacious yet less rowdy venue than its counterparts. It attracts a more matured crowd, and thus offers a quieter spot to chill out and get to know your newfound lady friend a little better. The main lounge seats over 200 people, and has a roomy dance floor where you can make her feel light on her feet. For more privacy (or to hold a party with 20-30 guests), choose from three VIP rooms: two of which are equipped with karaoke and an individual restroom, while the largest of which, the White Room, has its own wine bar, bar tender and sound system. (Other than the potential annoyance of Cantopop karaoke, one other small snag to note is the unnecessary surcharge on table snacks.)

You don’t need strippers to have fun in Wan Chai.

Penthouse Sky Lounge
29/F Silver Base Centre, 200 Gloucester Rd., Wan Chai, Tel: 2833-9992
Open Mon-Sat, 5pm-5am; Sun, for events only; Mon-Fri, HH 5pm-9pm; Fri, Sat & Holiday eve, open bar 10pm-3am (HK$300; may be waived depending on group size).
To reserve one of the VIP rooms will set you back HK$2,000 – HK$12,000, depending on the day of the week.

The Nuts & Bolts

For a quieter, chill-out night in Wan Chai, head to Penthouse Sky Lounge, a spacious club with an amazing habour view.

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