Armani/ Privé & Armani/Aqua


Armani/Privé is the latest bar to open in Central, along with its sister restaurant, Armani/Aqua. They’re not places you’d visit regularly – not least because it would bankrupt a small country – but because they’re also too flash to visit once a week without feeling your life's a slick advert for a new perfume.

In fairness, a combination of Giorgio Armani and the Aqua group was always going to end like this and Armani/Privé’s terrace in particular is a wonder to behold. It spans 5,000 square feet (it’s actually ideal for a game of quick-cricket) but it also feels warmer than the interior, not to mention less influenced by the Mainland Chinese school of design. Signature cocktails include the Wasabi Green Apple Martini and the delicious Teriyaki Bloody Mary which is vital info because it’s so dark in there you’ll have to bring a flashlight to see the menu.

Armani/Aqua, meanwhile, has one of the most glorious entrances we’ve ever seen (pictured). The wide corridor looks like it’s been designed by Tron and touched up by Lucifer, but the aesthetics of the restaurant inevitably pale in comparison. Serving Italian and Japanese fare, top dishes include beef tartar with truffle caviar and celery root cream as well as grilled fatty-tuna. In sum, they’re cool but pricey places to visit – so they’re ideal if you want to splurge or your boss is looking for venues for the office Christmas party.

It’ll cost an Armani leg.

Armani/ Privé & Armani/Aqua
2/F Chater House, 8 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
3583 2828 &


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