Jaa Baa Secretest Bars in Hidden Soho


Jaa Bar is a secret establishment hidden off Peel Street, and we mean genuinely hidden rather than the: ‘no one will notice - it’s the Watergate’, kind of seclusion. Its relative obscurity is also the key to its charm. There’s too much staring, assessing and posturing in Hong Kong but Jaa Bar is out of sight so there are no passers-by to examine. Not even the poor, little lady who hobbles around on her wooden splint.

Set up by Jamie, Ann and Andrea (hence the name, Jaa) it’s a small place that’s defined by its cocktails and intimacy. House favourites include the 'Jaa' which consists of prosecco and fresh raspberries, as well as the ‘Obama’ which comprises vodka, blackberries and mint. We’re not sure why it’s called the Obama – perhaps because it made a refreshing change – but it slips down easily enough and they also serve poppadom pizzas.

They’re a members-only bar and though it’s annoying to pay a joining fee, it helps keep the place secluded and doesn’t entail the usual snobbishness associated with members only establishments. Or the green fees. What's more, you're allowed one visit without being a member before needing to cough up the requisite HKD888. That price includes a bottle of Moet (which normally retails at HKD720) so you’ll be burping your way to the cash point afterwards with a very languid gate.

Only tell some of your friends.

Jaa Bar
Tel: 2815 8887
1 Pak Tze Lane, Soho
Website: www.jaabar.com


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