Wednesday, 29.3.2017

FlyNano Flying Jet Ski Available for Pre-Order


There are some things we publish that we know few of you would actually buy, but we write about them because they are so extraordinary we think you’ll want to hear about them anyway. A prime example is the FlyNano. On first impressions you think this jet ski-cum-airplane hybrid must be a prototype, destined to remain a concept on the whiteboard forever. Not so.

The FlyNano is available for pre-order with prices starting from US$36,000 and it’s an amazing purchase. 10 years in the making, the futuristic craft weighs just under the legal limit for an aircraft and can climb to a terrifying height of two and a half miles. We say terrifying because you don’t even need a pilot’s license to fly it.

The 150lb carbon-fibre frame carries one person in an open air cockpit and is powered by a mini nose prop. Options include a 20kw electric motor (max speed 87mph), a 24hp gas engine (max speed 80mph) and a 35hp racing unit (max speed 93mph). Its range also reaches up to 43 miles, which is just about far enough away to escape the sound of your wife asking you to set the table for lunch.

It’s exceptionally cool and looks like it would be an enormous amount of fun but it’s a shame you can’t share the experience with anyone. That said, it’s an amusing thought that the first time you go up in it, you’ll have no one to teach you what to do.

Grab your helmet.

Price: From US$36,000


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