Citizen Eco SATELLITE WAVE Solar Powered Atomic Clock


Citizen has unveiled a watch that aligns its time according to the closest of 24 satellites circling the earth that boast atomic clocks. It's excellent for telling the time, but probably not so excellent if your one of those people who likes their watch to be four minutes early. 

The satellites orbit the earth from a distance of 20,000KM, emitting a signal that the watch can pick up from anywhere in the world. So even if your beginner's yachting course takes a turn for the worst and you find yourself adrift in the Pacific Ocean, the timepiece will remain accurate. A hidden bonus when you finally get discovered, because you'll be able to tell your Somalian rescuers exactly how long you've been away. Guinness World Records beckon.

It comes in a ceramic and stainless steel case and is entirely solar powered. The green machine also features the time of 26 cities, a perfect function if you're a pilot or work at the UN.

The turgidly named 'Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE' is not only attractive but has also got some intriguing features. No price has yet been revealed but it's scheduled to hit the shelves in autumn and it's worth waiting to find out.

Citizen Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE


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