Sandless Beach Mat Clever Mat Developed by US Military


We’ve discovered a brilliant beach mat that remains sandless however much sediment you throw on it. It’s a fantastic idea because there’s nothing worse than having a refreshing dip in the sea only to find yourself bread-crumbed in sand seconds later.

The mat is made from two layers of polyurethane that instantly filter sand as soon as it lands on the surface. The sand simply disappears out of the bottom.

The material was developed by the US military to protect their equipment; a problem we can all sympathise with. Sand gets in your clothes, in your phone, in your hair – it’s immensely irritating – so the geniuses behind this invention deserve hearty recognition.

The mat also shrugs off any dirt, dust and water that lands on it, which basically means it’s a single mother's dream - you never have to wash it. You can take it to festivals, picnics, the beach – what can’t you do with it? It’s the Vitorinox of mats. It also features metal D-rings on each corner so you can peg it down when the winds start stirring down in Big Wave Bay.

What a purchase.

Sandless Beach Mat


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Sandless Beach Mat

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