Moki TV Brilliant Website for Streaming TV & Films


Moki.TV is a streaming website that will hopefully sign the death warrant of its numerous, infuriating rivals that make you spend more time groaning and looking at an inanimate, spinning buffer than actually watching what you’re after.

Unless, of course, your lady's made you watch Chalet Girl in which case any time spent looking at a buffer is time well spent. The main character hasn’t snowboarded before but she wins the tournament. That’s all you need to know.

We love streamed entertainment because we’re impatient and cheap but we struggle to find good enough sites that are up to our cheapness because we’re demanding too. Despite the obvious unfairness, Moki.TV is up to the task.

It draws from quality sources of film and TV (both paid and free) and then pings off emails letting you know when certain films you like, or are expected to like, become available. They begin by presenting you with a selection of very well known films which you rate from 1-5. Thanks to this data, their algorithm then compiles a list of personalised viewing options that are ready to watch immediately.

You can then sort them by release date, genre, etc as well as expiration date so you can catch them just before they disappear. You can even consult critics’ choice.

A must for fans of Chalet Girl.



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