Bugatti Veyron Watch Winder Incredible Bugatti Veyron Watch Winder


Origin Times has produced a totally unnecessary, quite sensational, jaw-dropping watch winder, made from a Bugatti Veyron engine. It screams boy’s toy - featuring 16 watch winders born out of the engine’s 16 cylinders.

Whether anyone actually owns 16 watches is, of course, a matter of debate – but who cares? It’s like being second in line to the British throne: pointless and fun.It’s one of those objects, like radical pieces of art, that probably needs to be housed in its own, white-washed room. The type of room you rarely go in – save for showing off to visitors – and the type of room owned by men who can afford sharks pickled in formaldehyde as well as 16-piece watch winders.

It’s priced at €75,000, making it a tough sell to your Oxfam devoted fiancé, but don't forget to remind her you live in Hong Kong so you've probably already saved a fortune not running a real car out here...

Whilst it's probably a case of window-shopping, for now at least, we think it gives you something to aspire to as well as drool over. Each of the winders is individually adjustable via a trendy looking computer display and each is lined with delicate, goat-skin leather to protect your little babies.

Please Santa.

Bugatti Veyron Big Block Winder by Origin Times
Price: €75,000 (excl VAT)


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