Cinemin Slice Turning Media into Cinema Magic


We can all fuss and stand staunch, claiming we only own our iPhones and iPads for serious networking, email access and business-related web access. But the reality is iPhones and iPads are all about entertainment, all about grasping the moment, about unplugging, literally and metaphorically, and running off into life safe in the knowledge that you can take your porn with you.

Movie lovers especially will love the Cinemin Slice from Wow Wee.

The clever monkeys that brought you some of the markets best pico projectors have created the perfect addition to any iPhone or iPad, a powerful projector that comes with serious stereo sound capabilities.

Simply plug any media device – from iPhones to USBs to notebooks - into the Slice and beam your movies, photo galleries and even desktop onto any surface.

Want to add a little drama to that next rooftop BBQ, or perhaps have a showing of your favourite Boner Jams 2010 compilation for your inner circle?

The Slice, with its six watt stereo speakers and an infra-red remote, is the device for you, blasting images up to 1.5m in size onto virtually any surface.

Even people.

Cinemin Slice
Website: WowWee:: Cinemin Slice


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