Wednesday, 21.2.2018

Sol Origin Survival Tool The Ultimate Survival Tool


Admit it, you were a huge fan of MacGyver, back in the day. In the hope-filled 80s, many a kid would find a perch on the floor (back when you sat on it deliberately) in front of the television and marvel at how, with a simple Swiss army knife, some bubble gum, an empty peanut butter jar, and a rolled up copy of Jugs Journal, star Angus MacGyver, aka Richard Dean Anderson, could blow us a Soviet tank. He always used logic, instead of violence, to get himself out of a twist, and had as much of a knack for surviving as his enemies did for missing with automatic rifles.

If you're out playing footsie with Mother Nature and you don't have Anderson with you, you might want to take the SOL Origin survival tool.

This compact little tool comes with several survival essentials, including fire lighters, an emergency fishing kit, a compass, whistle, a knife and and a mini guide to surviving in the wilds of the New Territories.

Although you'll probably never have to use it, it's a great gift to give active mates; you never know just when they might need to start a fire.

To keep the wolves at bay.

Sol Origin Survival Tool


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