Chemistry Cocktail Set A Cocktail Set From Science Class


So the story goes that the Martini, one of the cocktail world's most endearing icons, was first created in the Californian gold mining town of Martinez, when a miner who had struck it rich decided to celebrate, not with new teeth or a prettier horse, but with booze. He asked the bartender to create him something unique, something worthy of his windfall, and the sickly sweet result of vermouth and Old Tom Gin started a cocktail craze across the US that even prohibition couldn't stem.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a home mixologist, a bit of a Tom Cruise behind the mahogany, then this quirky but entirely practical cocktail set might be the perfect self-love gift for Valentines.

Geared to make everything from Long Island Iced Teas and Cosmos right through to Moscow Mules and Slippery Nipples, the set not only comes with a stainless silver shaker, but also a chemistry-styled beaker and stirring rod, two test tube cocktail glasses and the kind of rack that makes you want to blow something up.

Remember, it's for cocktails. Not meth.

Chemistry Cocktail Set
Available on Think Geek from US$34.99


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