Samsung NaviBot vacuum robot Samsung's Little Robot Helper


All you have to do is watch the Jetsons to see how we, as a society, can't help but look forward to a carefree future, where robots do most of the work, and we're left to enjoy life's little pleasures, like Sunday football, summer barbeques, and impromptu pillow fights. The science of robotics certainly has lagged behind our expectations – we should all have R2D2s by now – but fortunately the whizz kids at one Korean company have their priorities right.

Samsung's NaviBots is a sign of the future.

Not only does the SR8855 vacuum clean your flat without you even having to be there, but comes with touch sensitive buttons, an on-board scheduler, and an infrared navigation system that tells it where it can and can't go, so that you won't have any sudden accidents when you find yourself passed out on the floor in nothing but your birthday suit.

The NaviBot cleans for 90 minutes on a two hour charge (which is better than some maids) and comes with anti-fall and anti-collision technology, both of which we could benefit from personally.

Finally the future of robotics is catching up with our expectations and cleaning up in the process.

Now all we have to do is teach them to shake a martini.

Samsung NaviBot vacuum robot.
From US$599 (available in shops from April)


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