Bobble A Water Bottle That Self-Filters


Since you were young, people have told you to drink more water. First it was your mum, who used the water line as an answer to almost any ailment. Then it was your mates telling you to take a sip as you lay prostrated on the bathroom floor at the end of your first big blue light disco.

These days, your personal trainer is always telling you to drink more water, commercials talk of the anti-aging qualities of good hydration, and the greenies are telling you to drink as much as you like so long as you don't waste resources with disposable bottles of poncy French mountain aqua.

The perfect solution is simpler than you might think.

The Bobble is a plain plastic bottle that can sit on your desk or in your gym bag, and features its own built-in filter, meaning you can fill up pretty much anywhere you like and always have plenty of water for when a man thirst hits.

The bottle's activated carbon filter draws out chemicals and impurities (leaving your impure thoughts intact) to internationally-recognized standards, and only needs to be renewed every couple of months, which equates to about 150 gallons of water.

That should keep the masses happy.


From HK$99


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