Nooka Watches Bright Watches for Bright Sparks


We've talked about this before, and you don't need us to tell you how much we judge each other by the shoes we wear, the tie we knot and the device by which we tell the movement of the sun and the stars.

It's hard to take a step in this city without passing a billboard for another luxury looks-pretty-much-the-same watch, worn by a celebrity, whose other hand is out of sight, waiting for a cheque. Some of us just don't want to go down that path; we want to wear our personalities for all to see, not follow the masses with another soulless time piece.

Nooka specializes in making eye catching, off-the-cuff time pieces (they also make sunglasses and skins for your iPhone) that say just about as much as a watch can without having a voice built in.

Their newest model, the bold, convention-thrashing Zub Zayu, takes its inspiration from Japan, the land of the quirky, and features a unique left-to-right 'time capsule' graphic, a sleep mode to conserve battery life, and comes in a range of bright hues that would make those celebs shudder.

Sometimes it's good to be shocking.

Nooka Watches
From US$175


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