Brio Espresso Top Notch Coffee Machines in CWB


It's Sunday morning, and the cobwebs of the night before are far from lifting. You, and that pretty little thing beside you, need a little help, a boost to the system so to speak, something that's going to have you up and atom like the proverbial Atom Ant, but without having to break any laws. Of course, you're a connoisseur of sorts, and while you might leave your coffee addiction in the hands of name tag-wearing youth during the week, this is Sunday dammit, and some things just have to be done right.

Think of Brio Espresso as the local Maserati dealership of coffee companies.

They sell a wide range of beautifully-crafted, caffeine-creating contraptions – including single pour, aero-press and professional grade – as well as grinders, accessories.

And of course, they sell premium, mouth-watering, heart-stopping coffee from exotic far off lands, where lithe local women are taught to perfect their pour from a young age, and where each coffee cherry is picked with a contented sigh.

Brio will school you in their art when you buy a machine, and deliver it right to your door, preferably on a Saturday.

Because Sunday is a day

Brio Espresso

2/F, 10 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Tel: 2808 2310,


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