Zeal Optics Transcend GPS Goggles Snowboarding Goggles with GPS


We've all seen the heads up displays in Star Wars and the Terminator, and can appreciate how great it would be to have vital information appearing before your eyes. You could walk into a bar and know a chick's star sign, drink threshold and emotional status before you step foot into the mine field. You could cruise into a restaurant and know what's good better than the chef does, and then there's the speed dating potential. Stop, we're getting dizzy.

Now you have something pretty bloody close for those long runs through virgin powder (we're talking snow here).

Zeal Optics have created the Transcend GPS-enabled snowboarding goggles that not only show you where you'll die on any given run (and where you won't), but also log your highest speeds, longest runs and total ground covered on a two-inch LCD head's up display, that's completely unobtrusive, meaning you can keep your eye on the snow bunnies in front.

They're light weight and easy to use while on the go and at the end of the day download the info to your laptop and see how your performance stacks up.

Compared to your speed dating.

Zeal Optics Transcend GPS Goggles
From US$500


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