Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Mute Watches A Wrist Band Pretending to be a Watch


The luxury watch companies can get a little over excited about their own time pieces sometimes, like a sugar-rushed ADHD toddler with a finger painting. They love glaming up time pieces with gold, platinum, rare metals mined from meteorites, and love harping on about how technical their “complications” are. But sometimes you want simplicity, and practicality in a time piece. You want something that lasts the distance, and tells you what you need to know in a flash.

Mutewatch have created the ultimate watch for the minimalist-inclined.

With a simple rubber strap, the Mutewatch is touch-friendly (just the way we like it), and obeys many of the commands we're accustomed to using on our smart phones.

The time only appears when you want it, by tapping the flat panel, and by using strokes and pinches (you have such a dirty mind) you can set alarms – which comes with vibration mode - and check the date, like a regular watch.

They come in a range of colours, have no buttons, and nothing you can get caught on, and recharge via USB.

Simply brilliant.

Mute Watches
Taking pre-orders now


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